מותג‭ ‬ישן, ‬בלוג‭ ‬חדש! ‬עיצוב‭ ‬הבלוג‭ ‬של‭ ‬yes‭ ‬היה‭ ‬אתגר‭ ‬שדרש‭ ‬מאיתנו‭ ‬להתחבר‭ ‬למותג‭ ‬קיים‭ ‬וליצור‭ ‬שפה‭ ‬ממשיכה‭ ‬ומרעננת. ‬בעזרתה‭ ‬נוכל‭ ‬לתת‭ ‬במה‭ ‬לתכנים‭ ‬של‭ ‬יס, מבלי‭ ‬להתחרות‭ ‬בעיצוב‭ ‬הקיים‭ ‬ולייצר‭ ‬בלוג‭ ‬מעודכן‭ ‬ונעים‭ ‬לקריאה‭.‬

An old brand with a new blog! The YES blog design challenged us to connect to the existing brand and build upon it so that it can serve as a refreshing platform for YES content without competing with the existing design, while offering a fresh appearance that is appealing to readers.